Meet The Team

A small but dedicated band always have their fingers in some FILTH. With years of professional climbing experience they know what you need when it comes to climbing products.

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Nate McMullan filth climbing team

Nate McMullan

Design Creation and Shaping

With years of professional route setting experience Nate is the brains and elder statesman of FILTH climbing holds.

Fed up with poorly shaped tweaky holds and slippy crumbly volumes he knew he could do better.

Starting FILTH as project of passion from a small workshop in Sheffield he seeks to design and build products he will be happy setting with and those that give climbers the experience they deserve.

toby filth climbing team

Toby Wright

Design Testing and International Relations

Moving between Sheffield and Switzerland Toby has experience of climbing on all kinds of natural hold types.

When he’s not cranking of Peak District gritstone or Swiss granite Toby is scientist giving him the eye for detail needed when testing holds.

These skills coupled with his “modest” climbing achievements make him the ideal hold tester. If a FILTH hold doesn’t pass the test on his home board, it won’t make it into circulation.