Climbing Hold Maintenance

Climbing Hold Care & Maintenance

Climbing hold maintenance is vitally important. Looking after your climbing holds correctly will not only prolong their life but also provide and safer and more enjoyable experience to your customers.

Remember. Everyone loves a FILTH hold but no one loves a filthy hold.

Read our guidelines for looking after your climbing holds below. If you have any questions please contact us.


It is critical to visually inspect all holds for cracks, chips, sharp edges and burrs before use and at regular intervals during use.

Do not use damaged holds.

Do not modify holds.


We recommend that holds are cleaned with a power washer on a soft, secure surface.

Water temperatures above 30°C and acid wash (used for prolonged periods) can potentially cause some colours to fade.

We recommend the use of Benky Gripwash, please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.


All holds are made from; high quality polyester resin blend (for friction and lifespan), with the rails and some smaller screw-ons made from a high grade polyurethane (for strength) – special material requests are possible. Larger holds have been reduced to make them lighter in weight and easier to handle. Larger bolt on holds have an internal safety retention system to help reduce the possibility of falling debris.