Climbing Hold Fixing

Climbing Hold Fixing

Appropriate climbing hold fixing is of paramount importance for the safety of your customers.

The information below is offered for guidance only.

If you have any questions regarding the attachment of climbing holds contact us.


All holds with a bolt hole (this excludes screw-ons / some larger holds) can be fixed with either a M10 countersunk or cap head bolt (8.8 grade mild steel or above). Please ensure that adequate thread protrusion is present at the back of the placement.

All holds have at least one secondary point of fixation to assist with the security of the holds (or a divot), a recommended screw size is noted in the hold information section. FILTH recommends using all provided fixation points to ensure the strongest connection to the climbing wall surface.

FILTH holds are designed to be attached to flat plywood climbing surfaces which meet EN 12572:2017.

For screw-on holds it is recommended that all available points of fixation are used. Unless otherwise noted, screws no smaller than 5 mm x 50 mm should be used. All screws should be fully threaded wood screws which allow for a minimum of 10 mm thread protrusion through the rear of the plywood surface.

For attaching holds to plywood climbing surfaces the following torque settings are recommended (Guidance only):

Small Holds:  30 – 35 Nm

Medium Holds:  35 – 40 Nm

Large Holds:  40 – 45 Nm

The condition of the bolt and T-nut can affect the torque value applied (change in friction from lubrication, corrosion or cross threading) and the accuracy of the tightening method can also greatly affect torque values.